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Prepare your skin with this vegan shaving soap. The eco-friendly soap will give you a thick lather for a smoother shave and a hydrated skin.

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Shaving soap with apricot 70gr – Bambaw

Apricot & Vitamin E Shaving Soap is suitable for all skin types. Its moisturizing properties will prevent irritation as well as nourish and soften the skin.

Apricot kernel oil
Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the apricot kernel. It is known to tone and soften the skin, as well as being an excellent emollient.

Vitamin Ε
The benefits of vitamin E for the skin are the prevention of dry skin and the reduction of inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Provides rich shaving foam preventing skin irritation and razor burns
The main purpose of using a shaving soap is to prepare your skin for shaving. The application of the thick shaving foam softens and lifts the hairs. This generous foam offers extra glide and lubrication to protect your skin from irritation and burns.

For an extremely soft and hydrated skin
Carefully formulated shaving soaps with natural ingredients moisturize, nourish and calm your skin for a smooth and hydrated feel. Bambaw shaving soaps offer you an optimal shaving experience.

Easy to use alternative to shaving cream
Shaving soap bars are a good alternative to shaving creams. A shaving soap is both environmentally friendly and a good economical alternative to a classic shaving gel or foam, as it will last longer.

Bambaw Apricot Shaving Soap is also very easy to use. It fits easily in the hand for easy grip and smooth application directly on the skin. It is easily stored and is perfectly suitable for use with a shaving brush.

Ideal for travelling
A shaving soap takes up less space than a shaving cream. It is allowed in hand luggage on the plane without risk of spillage.

Shaving soap for men and women
A shaving soap is unisex. It is a perfect alternative to shaving cream for women and men. It can be used for any part of your body, whether you want to shave your beard, your legs, your underarms, your bikini area or even your head.


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