Composting easily with Bokashi Organko

Composting is an environmentally friendly way to manage your kitchen and garden waste. Turns food and garden waste into nutrient-rich soil for your garden or houseplants. But traditional composting methods can be time-consuming and require a lot of space. Here comes Bokashi Organko – a simple and effective way of composting at home.

What is Bokashi Organko?

Bokashi Organko is a composting system that uses a special mix of microbes to ferment your food scraps and garden waste. Unlike traditional composting, Bokashi Organko does not require air or sunlight. The microbes work anaerobically to break down your waste quickly and efficiently.

How does Bokashi Organko work?

To use the Bokashi Organko, all you need is a Bokashi Organko bucket and some Bokashi bran. The bucket is airtight and has a tap at the bottom to drain the liquid produced during the fermentation process. Bokashi bran is a mixture of bran and microbes that you sprinkle over your food scraps and garden waste as you add them to the bin.

As you add your scraps to the bin, sprinkle a handful of Bokashi bran on top of each layer. Once the bucket is full, let it ferment for two weeks. During this time, microbes will break down your waste into a nutrient-rich liquid and a compost-like material.

After two weeks, you can empty the contents of the Bokashi Organko bin into the outdoor compost bin, bury it in your garden or add it to your houseplants. Fermented waste will continue to break down over time, providing your plants with a steady supply of nutrients.

Why use Bokashi Organko?

Bokashi Organko is an ideal composting solution for people living in apartments or small houses with limited outdoor space. It is easy to use, produces no unpleasant odours and produces compost faster than traditional composting methods. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce your household waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Where can you buy Bokashi Organko products?

In conclusion, composting with Bokashi Organko is a great way to reduce your household waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. With its easy-to-use system and fast composting process, the Bokashi Organko is a perfect solution for those who want to compost at home but have limited outdoor space.


You can buy Bokashi Organko products online. The Bokashi Organko bucket is available in different sizes to suit your needs and Bokashi bran is available in different quantities.

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